About Us

We are based in the Philippines, but we ship worldwide selling breast binders all over the globe. We offer only the best binders. Each item sold in our shop is proven 100% effective and flattening. This is the reason our binders is worn by the most famous tomboys in the country!

Below is a short description of our most salable products:

CLASSIC TIGHT (Product code: GAMMA001)
This is the most basic binder everyone will need. Made with spandex material that always maintain a flat chest. It’s also a versatile binder which you can use for swimming, sports, and everyday wear.

LIGHT & TIGHT (Product code: GAMMA002)
Who said binders are uncomfortable? The bamboo fiber material of this binder makes chest binding as comfortable as if wearing no binder, and yet have the flat chest you want.

EXTRA TIGHT (Product code: GAMMA003)
For those looking for that tight kick, this is the binder for you. Specially made with built in bandage ribbon for that extra tightness you’re looking for.

SUMMER SANDO (Product code: GAMMA004)
This is your go-to tank top made with a classic favorite cotton and inner bandage that always secures a flat chest.

Make sure to browse through our photos to see how the binders look when worn.

Happy binding! #iweargamma